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SRG Property, LLC - We Purchase Real Estate Mortgage Notes

Are You Curious about Your Real Estate Note?

At one time or another you made a smart decision to lend someone the money to purchase your property. But now maybe it has been awhile, aren't you curious about the value of your note and the many possibilities it might offer you?

Save Money by Selling now.

You can actually save money by selling your note. How? By paying down your own mortgage or paying off other debits. There's a good chance you're collecting a payment on your note each month, only to apply it toward your bills. Doesn't it make sense to sell your note now and pay down your own debt? Think of the interest you'll save. By selling your note, you can be debt free or much closer to it.

An End to Hassels and Hustles

Did you ever think you'd be running a bank for your borrower? Since then, you've been hustling around, collecting payments, dealing with taxes, monitoring insurance, plus filing all the necessary paperwork all before each frequent deadline. Imagine the convenience of being note free!

The Choice is Yours

When you sell your note, a variety of opportunities opens up to you:

For one you can transform the proceeds into other smart investments solid investments that will increase in value over time or pay regular dividends.

Or maybe it's time to splurge. Have you thought about taking a long overdue vacation, fising up the house or getting a new car? What would be your wish list of not so guilty pleasures.

Are You Curious to Learn More?

Right now, your loan is at the highest value, so why not sell it at top dollar?